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Ayukrt is tailored to be a patient centric healthcare solution. Once enrolled, patients have access to their preferred doctor 24/7, patients can consult his/her preferred doctor from anywhere at any time. Not just that but they also get dosage reminders, health tips, refill reminders, appointment reminders, periodic test reminders from the pharma company.

Ayukrt is the only platform that gives patient’s easy access to speciality medicine and liberty to place order from their mobile app.


Ayukrt helps doctors to be there for his/her patients like-never-before. Doctors can monitor the health condition of the patient with chronic disease and provide the best services with ease from his/her comfort zone.

Doctors can review patient reports/ periodic test results and provide online consultancy, from anywhere through web portal/ mobile app- and earn additional revenue and retain patient for its life cycle.


Ayukrt helps pharma marketers build an individual relationship and commence a dialogue with patients, which lets them listen and respond to patients’ growing needs. Pharma company can know their customers and provide them value added services and retain them.

It enables pharma company to also reach patients in the rural market to provide them with desired services to create a loyal customer base, and deliver healthcare everywhere.

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Share test results/reports with doctor | Easy access to speciality medicines
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