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Concept Marketing

Concepts represent the future of cutting edge technology and product design. We help you market the product and technology that you started drafting on a piece of paper with great hopes for its contribution to the Pharma Industry. Our concept marketing services helps creative organizations achieve their stated and unstated goals in stipulated time frame. We help you understand and analyze the needs of the Indian Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industry and assist you take the right decisions to satisfy those requirements. Our network and contacts help you reach the right candidate amongst millions of users and decision makers in the target company. Right contacts assist you in getting approval from all prime decision makers in the organization.

As a part of a marketing mix, our concept marketing services provide a good blend of production concept, sales concept and marketing concept. All of them rely upon marketing research to define market segments, their size and their needs.

Catering Technology to Indian Pharma Industry

SPN specializes to help you extend your IT services to the Indian Pharma Industry. For the past 3 years we are advisor to PharmaSecure Inc, a USA based company providing technology support to the Pharma Industry. We formulated marketing strategy and led the marketing and sales team from front end to create a need for PharmaSecure’s innovative concept and technology amongst the Indian Pharma manufacturers. Today PharmaSecure is a leader in serialization and m-Health services in India. We are the senior advisors to Seclore Technology, an IT company and are assisting them in selling IRM Technology in the Indian Pharma industry.

We connect with and bring all stakeholders of the target company on the table in order to improve value proposition and close sales quickly.

Market Intelligence and Research

SPN helps you capture everyday information about the Indian pharmaceutical environment in order to take confident decisions in determining market opportunity. It helps you penetrate the Indian market with the right strategy. Our team of professionals give our clients the diverse experience and in-depth knowledge they need. Our Client sees us as their partners in sourcing, product development & market launches as we provide to them a deep insight in the vast available choices.

Strategic Tie - Ups

With it's versatile experience in the Indian Pharma industry, SPN helps you make strategic tie ups with Indian Pharma companies and extend your products and services to target market and customer. The strategic tie ups with the right marketing partner will help you achieve your marketing goals in shorter span of time, thereby increasing your returns on investment and quick turn around.

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